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Some of our services include:

• Full Searches • Foreclosure Searches • Refinance Searches

• Reverse Mortgage Searches • UCC Search • Judgment and Lien Search

• Tax Searches • Title Certifications • Tax Searches

Public land records are legal documents that are recorded in the County Clerk’s Office located within the County Court House. The recording process constitutes legal constructive notice of land ownership and transactions. Abstracts of title are searches of the public records for all legal documents affecting a particular parcel of land. The findings are then condensed and presented in a concise manner for the examination by attorneys representing sellers, purchasers, and mortgage lenders.

Tax searches investigate and report unpaid property taxes, tax sale certificates, delinquent tax enforcement and foreclosure proceedings. Our products are guaranteed to be complete and accurate without any limitation of time. We maintain complete, organized duplicate originals of all of our title searches.  

Our abstracts of title are continued right up to the minute of recording to leave no doubt that there are no intervening interests or encumbrances that can adversely affect the transaction. Typing and production are performed and proofread by our production specialists in our office building.